• How many employees?
    1 to 10 staff.
  • How long have you been painting?
    Painted for several years prior of establishing a business in 2003.
  • Size capability?
    Small to medium sized commercial & residential.
  • Choosing colours?
    A colour consultant could be provided.
  • Protect of adjacent areas?
    By covering a light plastic or canvas material.
  • Application of paint?
    Paints are applied by spray, roller & brush.
  • When is it the best time to paint?
    All year.
  • Brand names?
    We use only top quality paints & products.
  • Where are the areas that we serve.
    The Bundaberg Region, Queensland.
  • Why should we hire Goodman Painting?
    Because they are a genuine business, with a smile/thoughtful expression.